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Guide: Your appointment

Tattoo process

Once you’ve filled out your consent form, we’ll spend a little time working out the size of your design and discuss options if you find you want to change the size or the placement last-minute. This isn’t always possible for the reasons I've previously mentioned, but sometimes we get lucky and we can make a design a little larger or a little smaller without significantly affecting the duration of your appointment. Once we have this figured out, your design is stencilled on and given a little time to dry before we begin.

I will always let you know before I actually start tattooing you, often beginning with a small line for those of you coming for their first tattoo or having a tattoo in a typically painful area. It can sometimes be a little tougher on the body to lie in a single position for extended periods of time, so if you start to experience aches and pains or numbness and tingling, we can stop to switch to a different position or support your joints and pressure points with pillows. Once your tattoo is complete I will clean it and leave it to sit for a few minutes before, with your permission, taking some photos. I will then wrap your tattoo with either cling film, second skin or sterile padding (the choice is yours) and talk you through aftercare. You will also be given written aftercare instructions before you leave, and can also refer back to them here.

Anaesthetics II

A photograph showing a tattooed arm, with a hand peeling off a tattoo stencil, revealing a bear design underneath.
Peeling off a stencil is so satisfying!

Whilst I do not stock pre-tattoo anaesthetics, I do occasionally stock anaesthetic sprays that can be used on broken skin. So if you’re struggling but feel like you could carry on with a little extra help, just ask. If you have allergies and want to check the ingredients I’m happy to email you the product information and if you feel like you need to consult your GP I encourage you to do so.

Breaks and “tapping out”

You are more than welcome to take as many breaks as you need during your session; tattoo-receiving is not always easy and I want you to be able to take all the time you need. However, and I’m sure many tattoo-receivers will attest to this - taking multiple breaks can sometimes make it harder to come back from and if you can push through, it might not feel like it, but it is easier in the long run. Taking multiple breaks can also increase the duration of your appointment, and the likelihood of needing to reschedule to finish on another day, which is something to think about for those of you who often travel to get tattooed. However, if you’re struggling (as we all do getting tattooed sometimes) and you need to “tap out” - that’s ok! I check in regularly with my clients whilst they’re getting tattooed but it’s ok to withdraw consent at any time, so please don’t be afraid to let me know if you’d like to stop.

Silent appointments

Not everyone likes to chat with their artist during the tattoo process. Maybe you’re shy, or prefer to sit with the experience uninterrupted, or just don’t have much to talk to me about. I’m comfortable with making conversation or simply letting you be, and you will not hurt my feelings if you’d prefer that I check in only when absolutely necessary. There is an option for silent appointments on my consultation form, or you can let me know how you’re feeling on the day.

Equipment and Ingredients

A photograph of a tattoo set-up with a bench and potted plant in the background. The set up includes products that are vegan and eco-friendly.
Most of my set-up is vegan and eco-friendly

Everything I stock is vegan and where possible, eco-friendly. But if there's something specific you need to know, please feel free to contact me.

How/when to pay

Your deposit is deducted from the total cost of your appointment on the day, and the rest should be paid to reception in cash only. If a problem occurs and you need to an alternate method of payment, I can accept PayPal payments also, but I am unfortunately unable to take card payments just yet.


Tips are deeply appreciated but not expected. So while it’s nice to feel like I did a good job it’s not something I would ever ask from a client so please do not feel pressured to do so. I will accept words of affirmation, high-fives, (vegan) baked goods and a nice leaf you found on the ground instead.

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