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Guide: Preparing for your appointment

Skincare and hair removal

Well-moisturised skin generally has an easier time getting tattooed. It improves the texture and flexibility of your skin as well as helping to prevent tearing during the tattoo process. But whilst well-moisturised skin is great, I stock some great glides that not only moisturise your skin, but contain ingredients that help sooth and aid in healing. So please don’t worry if this isn’t a part of your routine. The same goes with hair removal; if it’s not something that is part of your routine, it is often best left to your artist. We stock razors at the studio and these haven’t failed us yet.

If you don’t like shaving and prefer wax-removal this can be done at home or at a salon but please be careful to do this at least 48hrs prior to your appointment to avoid a mean rash and very tender skin. Please note, that I will not be able to tattoo you if you have opted for home-removal and have razor burn or a rash from waxing so if you're concerned about this it is best left to us.

A photograph of a tattoo set-up, with a tattoo machine, magenta sharpie,ink caps with black ink that has slightly spilled, a razor, vaseline, tongue depressor, rinse cup, wash bottle and cartridge stand with three cartridges, all set upon paper towels over a green eco-friendly station cover.
Razors are always part of my setup. And my ink is generally already spilled before we've even begun.


Whilst I do not supply topical pre-tattoo anaesthetics, I have happy for you to use your own providing you let me know, as they can affect the texture of your skin. Please make sure to apply your anaesthetics as instructed to in the product information. If you require help with this, you will have to come to the studio an hour early so we can help you. Please note that anaesthetics can occasionally cause side affects and allergic reactions not conducive to getting tattooed or healing tattoos so it’s important to read the info in the supplied instructions and do a patch test or contact your GP if necessary. It is also worth noting that whilst anaesthetics prevent you from feeling pain for a short while, they do not affect the amount of stress that your body is going through, so when the anaesthetic wears off, it can feel a whole lot worse than if you’d never used it. Therefore we only tend to recommend anaesthetics for smaller tattoos that only take an hour or two.

A photograph of a stack of pancakes with blueberries, blackberry compote, whipped maple butter, cream and maple syrup. in the background, more pancakes, coffee and bacon can be seen, as well as a partial view of a human.
Breakfast needn't be this extravagant, but it should still be substantial enough to carry you until your break.

Before your appointment

Make sure you’re well rested and that you’ve had something substantial to eat for breakfast. This will help carry you through your session. Alcohol can thin your blood so please do not drink the evening before your appointment as this can affect how your skin takes to the ink and the healing process of your tattoo. I also cannot tattoo you if you are intoxicated.

What to bring with you

Physical government-issued ID must be brought to every appointment. This is for insurance purposes and is mandatory. You will not be able to get tattooed without it and may lose your deposit if we have to cancel your appointment. I ask that clients bring as little with them as possible to prevent cross-contamination (e.g. just your phone, wallet, keys, headphones, a snack and something sugary to drink as well as any medications you may need such as insulin, inhalers or epipens) but there is space to store coats and larger bags for those of you travelling or shopping. You can bring someone to wait for you in reception but they will not be able to sit with you whilst you’re getting tattooed.


Clothing should be comfortable, and allow me access to the area you want tattooed and that area only. Many studios are open-plan with little structural privacy and I try not to expose any more of your body than is absolutely necessary. For people with breasts I recommend simple tie bikini tops that can easily be moved while keeping you covered if your design is going to be placed on the chest, solar plexus, upper ribcage or mid-upper back. Button shirts can also be worn backwards and taped at the sides. Shorts and boxers can be worn if you are getting your legs tattooed. And If you’re having a tattoo in a private area and would prefer to book a private studio at NOKA for personal or religious reasons I would be happy to discuss your options with you as well. Just ask.

A photograph of Ruby Wolfe's work station at her resident studio in Soho. There is a window with plants hanging in front, and the tattoo bench lies underneath. There is a stainless steel station, and shelves with plastic drawers of equipment, and other plants dotted around in front of a mirror.
My station is tucked into a corner, but the studio is still open plan so if you would prefer a more private space then just ask!

Consent forms *

Each client will need to fill out a consent form before getting tattooed. In it there are questions pertaining to your personal health that you should be honest about. It is not only important for us to be able to keep our staff and other clients safe, but also to keep you safe. If you are not honest about things like medications and other substances and something happens to you whilst you’re getting tattooed I need to be able to potentially let a paramedic know so they don’t do something that will further harm you. Rest assured I do not discriminate against anyone for the situation they are in, everyone is warmly welcomed to get tattooed by me providing it is safe for you to do so. If you’re concerned at all and have questions, I can be contacted via my form here or via email to

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