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Guide: Discussing your design.


The first step in booking any tattoo is a short consultation to discuss the specifics of your project. This can be done in person (in London, by appointment only) or via my consultation form here. You will be asked a few simple but necessary questions that will allow me to first work out if it possible to meet your expectations (as sadly not all things are possible within the medium of tattooing) and then give you a time and cost estimate for your project.

Your project idea

Firstly, I’ll need you to talk a little about what you’re looking for. If you’re wanting to arrange an appointment for one of my available pre-drawn projects, I’ll need to know which design you’re interested in. I love booking people for these projects because they give me the most creative freedom to draw the things I love and share them with you. However, please note that my pre-drawn projects will have a minimum size limit and it’s not always possible to scale them down. So if we cannot reconcile your preferred design with your preferred placement, then a custom tattoo would be a better option for you. My bespoke design service comes at no extra cost, and is perfect for people who prefer to have a little more control over the substance of their tattoo. Custom tattoos can be drawn to fit any placement, any dimensions and any budget. The best thing about them is that it not only enables you to have a tattoo that is completely unique to you, but a piece of art that would never have existed if it wasn’t for you.

A photograph of an ipad screen showing a flash sheet of halloween-themed designs for a flash day.
Occasionally, flash days are held that enable you to get something fun and spontaneous from a set of pre-drawn, repeatable flash designs.

Tattoo placement

Knowing where you want your tattoo is a must. You can have a couple of different placements in mind and I’m happy to discuss best options with you regarding this, but in order for your design to flow with the placement I need to know the boundaries of that placement. If your tattoo is a “gap filler” or needs to work around an existing tattoo, I will need to know, and will need photos of the placement and existing tattoo so I can design your new tattoo around it. This especially applies to cover-ups of existing tattoos and/or significant scar tissue.

Dimensions of your design

The needles I use for most of the tattoos I make are very fine, but there are limits to what I can achieve with them. Generally, a single line can have up to a millimetre of spread throughout the first year. This is a normal part of the healing process and part of my job is to make sure that the size of the tattoo is big enough to accommodate this. It isn’t therefore possible to make some hyper-detailed miniature tattoos that maintain their shape once they’ve settled. So in order to avoid a murky, unsightly healed tattoo, there will always be a minimum size applied to each and every design.

Knowing the dimensions of your design are also important because it allows me to tell you how long (approximately) your tattoo will take and give you an estimate on overall cost. These estimates are for the discussed design, size and placement only, and any changes made after booking or on the day could either decrease, or increase your time and cost estimate so it’s important to get it right. Dimensions can be given in any unit of measurement but centimetres and inches work best.

Your budget

Depending on the size of your tattoo, it could take several sessions to complete so knowing how much you want to spend per session or for your tattoo in it’s entirety is the best way to avoid disappointments and additional costs. If you have a strict budget then I will be able to tell you whether it is or isn’t possible to make your tattoo as desired and I will be able to discuss potential other options with you. I am always happy to split large projects into small, more financially manageable sessions to spread the cost out. Personally, (and spoken as someone who started getting tattooed at a young age and repeatedly sought quantity over quality) I would always recommend playing the long-game instead of compromising on your first choice, but whether for distance or opportunity I know this isn’t always possible so if you need to work towards a middle ground then I will do my utmost to assist you.


My rates in London are £100ph with discounts on my pre-drawn designs. This is a reflection of the location and rates will vary from studio to studio. If I am travelling then my rates may also reflect additional travel costs. I will always be entirely transparent about my rates when enquiring so please feel free to check in with me about guest-rates before sending your proposal.

A photograph of an ipad screen showing a set of flash designs of hagstones, which are stones with holes that bore all the way through and are considered lucky, they can be found on beeches and strung into charms or necklaces.
I have many pre-drawn or "flash" designs available in my highlights on instagram.


If you have reference that you feel would better explain your project idea you can bring them to your consultation or submit them via my consultation form. These can include photographs, paintings and illustrations, and images of similar tattoos. However, please be aware that I do not copy designs or imitate the styes of other artists so whilst reference can give me a window into your thought process, the things I create will be similar thematically but not stylistically. Though I am happy to recreate old paintings and book illustrations providing whomever made them either gave you their permission or are long deceased.


There is a short step of a few inches into the studio but the grounds are otherwise accessible via wheelchair. If this doesn’t work for you, please get in touch and let me know what kind of equipment I would need to assist you.

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