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Guide: Booking your appointment

Updated: Jun 20

Booking your appointment (in London)

I try to make my booking process as smooth as possible by allowing clients to book their own appointments. This not only helps to prevents double-booking, but also helps prevent you from potentially missing out on your preferred dates by allowing you direct access to my available appointments. Once your consultation is complete, you can use my website to check my availability for the current booking period and find something that best suits you, pay your deposit and your appointment will be firmly confirmed within 24hrs. You can also use the link in your confirmation email to reschedule your appointment if need be.

A photograph of the signpost for Bethnal Green tube station in London. There are clouds in the background.
I work just a short walk from Bethnal Green.

Time estimates (why you need one one)

During your consultation, I will give you a time estimate for your appointment so you can select the right amount of time you need when you book in. Without this estimate you risk booking too little or too much time for your tattoo which is not always possible to rectify this on the day if I have other clients to attend to, and can have other undesirable consequences that I would prefer to avoid. Please keep in mind that time estimates are specific to the design we have discussed, and any addendum’s may come with an extra cost.

Clients who are working with me on large-scale projects will be given time estimates at the end of your sessions, so you will be able to book your next session without having to check in with me first.

Over/under booking

If you do not select enough time for your appointment and I have other clients scheduled after, I may not be able to complete your tattoo on the day. This isn’t always a dire situation, but if I cannot finish the outline specifically then not only will you leave with a funny-looking tattoo, but we’ll have a much harder time lining transfers up in your next session.

Conversely, if you book for an appointment without first speaking to me you may have to pay for time that you didn't need, and that no one else can take. It doesn’t make me feel good and I’d really prefer not to have to do it, so please be careful to follow the booking instructions and email me if you feel unsure.

Deposits and refunds

Deposits are £120 for appointments in London, £100 for intranational guest spots outside of London, and £150 for international guest spots. These are non-refundable. I am however happy to transfer your deposit to another appointment provided that 7 days notice is given.

Please note that failure to provide physical ID on the day of your appointment will result in the cancellation of your appointment and the loss of your deposit.

No-call, no-shows

If you can no longer make your appointment and do not call to inform me, you will lose your deposit for that session and will have to pay another in order to rebook. If this happens a second time then the deposit for your next appointment will increase to the total cost of the session and will not be returned to you if you do not attend it. This may seem extreme, but I am self-employed and if my clients don’t attend their appointments I don’t get paid. Again, I’d rather not have to do this so please try to be respectful of my time.

Guest spot bookings (rest of the UK and international)

Guest spot bookings still follow the same consultation process but as spaces are limited I make all of my own bookings via email only. You will not be able to book for guest spots via my website and may require some flexibility in your schedule. Guest dates will be sent out via my mailing list before they reach my socials so if you’re concerned about missing out you can add yourself to my mailing list at the bottom of the page. I send mail-outs a handful of times throughout the year, mainly to notify clients about diary openings, relevant dates, new journal entries and discounts. So you have my word that you will not be spammed with newsletters ad nauseam and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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