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Artist Statement

"Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?"

"where are those who were before us?"

- medieval lament

Ruby Wolfe is a self-taught fine artist and tattooist based in London. Primarily concerned with transformation in biological, psychological and spiritual realms, Ruby explores themes of death and decay, identity and the dark feminine to create figures in symbiosis with plant life and powerful, chimeric women. She uses folklore, mythology, plant symbolism and anthropomorphism as both an analogy for spiritual initiation as well as a visual representation of earth’s ecosystems to engage the viewer in visual fables about women’s return to self, ancestral rites, and the inseparable thread between us and nature.

Her reverence for nature is further expressed within her detailed watercolour paintings of flora and fungi.

Ruby works predominantly in ink, watercolour and digital mediums; using photographs to draw reference from nature and to create digital colour palettes from places she’s visited to imbue within her work. More recently, she has explored new ways of making art, including painting on wood and linocut printmaking, as well as creating patterns for wearable items, which she sells in her online store.

She is an internationally published artist and an internationally requested tattoo artist.




2018 Okaasan books:

The Secret Garden, 55 female artists inspired by shunga.


2019 Skin Deep Magazine issue 299, Interview with Steven Kinney: 

Ruby Wolfe, Alone in the Twilight Zone.


Also featured in:


2014 Total Tattoo Magazine, UK artists.


2018 Tattoodo, Illustrative tattoos, The history, the designs, the artists, article written by Justine Morrow.




2002 Broadland Gallery:

Private collection, Norfolk


2015 Things & Ink: 

Miniature Ink II, London

2015 Hare & Hounds:

Brighton artists, Brighton.


2016 Things & Ink: 

The Archive Exhibition, London

2020 Onca Gallery/Lost Species Day:

Beyond Ruin, Brighton.

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